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Kristina’s Story
Kristina’s area of interest with the DIR therapeutic model (floortime) is one close to her heart. It began with finding one of her children to have developmental difference and needing interventions which could not be found easily within the local therapeutic systems currently in place. After a great deal of research; Kristina found a model that worked (and continues to work) wonders for their child. Kristina along with her husband, Darren Stroh, sought out the services of Stanley Greenspan, M.D. Kristina holds her mastery certificate in DIR Theory. She is also certified in Therapeutic Listening and is working towards her Interactive Metronome certification. They have been and continue to receive training from the DIR Support Services center in Bethesda, Maryland by Jake Greenspan and Tim Bleecker.

Further research enabled them to find a wonderful Occupational Therapist, Gretchen McDonnell, who began working with the family. Gretchen, too, saw the potential for gain in their child. It was an amazing experience. Not only did she intrinsically believe what they believed regarding the power of learning through play; she saw what they saw in their child. Hope had been restored and wonderful things began to happen. Gretchen McDonnell has, and continues to, receive training under the DIR Model with Jake Greenspan and Tim Bleecker.

All the Difference.

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