Stories From Our Families

THIS WEEK Lindsey can climb up the ladder on the swing set and independently go down the slide. It is an important day for us, as just last week she would NEVER have done this.

Berwyn, PA

In a relatively short period of time, we could lift our son over our shoulder, brushing teeth is no longer a battle. He plays less rough with friends. He is willing to try new foods and he’s even wearing jeans!

Family name withheld upon request

Seeing the floor time exercises at work has given my wife and I a deeper understanding how he perceives and approaches problems. We’re able to take what we learned there and apply it to everyday situations and he’s become much more flexible in new environments. And the best is he absolutely loves coming there!

Proud Parents
Wilmington, DE

Through the Floortime therapy that my daughter has received at All The Difference, she was able to enter a shared world with us. For the first time, we were able to understand what was going on inside our child and what methods could be used to help her. Their staff is understanding of each child and parent they encounter and their facility is better than any we have seen. She was no longer distant and unemotional which has opened her up to new learning experiences that we are seeing every day…

Every therapist who works with our daughter, and there are many, cannot believe the progress she has made in just one year. I can honestly say that progress began the day we started at All The Difference.

Patrick S.
Springfield, PA

After Palmer’s initial evaluation at ATD and a lengthy discussion with Jaime Tae, the occupational therapist assigned to him, we decided to hold off on pursuing the feeding clinic. Jaime suggested that we allow her to work with him through sensory therapy and the Floortime model in order to achieve global improvements. She knew our specific concerns and promised to address them, but not in ways that we were expecting. She designed a plan that would tackle his fine motor problems, but on a very fundamental level – starting at the basic building blocks of communication, trunk strength, motor planning, and gross motor skills. I had always assumed that fine motor development came through utilizing small manipulatives, but Jaime warned us that we wouldn’t see much of that at ATD. One of our major goals for Palmer was to improve his grasp of a pen or pencil and his handwriting. Jaime accomplished this goal without ever picking up a pencil or having Palmer do seatwork at a desk. No pencil or paper required!

Through his physical activity at ATD, he is more tolerant of a variety of sensory stimuli; things like spinning on a swing, climbing, swinging, eating new foods, even the increased use of his pincer grasp and his handwriting, in addition to messy play are now tolerated.

ATD has made such an impact on Palmer and even on how we parent him. His improvements are obvious, global, and nothing short of amazing!

Christa B.
Newark, DE

After only a few months of working with Jaime, we are now able to take him out to stores, even braving a two hour family celebration at a restaurant that we would have declined earlier…

What I really loved is that they allowed the whole family to become involved and taught us all how to help Brady, making everyone feel empowered…

We never would have received the personal attention Brady so desperately needed or the type of help he so desperately needed had we not found All The Difference.

Nancy McMann

The staff is extremely caring and sensitive to my son's needs and readily listens to my concerns as a parent. All The Difference has made a difference in the quality of my child's life in so many wonderful ways and as a parent nothing makes me happier.

Susan B.
Wilmington, DE

Thanks to All the difference for serving in our community and for giving us hope and confidence that we can truly bring difference in our child

Newark, DE

The vestibular and proprioceptive systems were "Greek" to us and undoubtedly like most parents of children like him, my husband I thought it was inevitable that we would be pushed to have him medicated. And while somewhat skeptical of this therapy about which we previously knew nothing, we embraced the opportunity to try something that might give Patrick what he needed without altering the warm and wonderful personality that he has in almost over-abundant supply! We have certainly not been disappointed as we have seen him grow in self-control and ability to attend even as his life challenges, both at home and in school, have increased. He loves coming to his "muscle movement" therapy and tells his teachers and his friends about his experiences at ATD with pride…

I have also learned, albeit imperfectly, to model some of the strategies Jaime employs and thereby take some of the therapy home with us.

Laura Davies

From the moment I called the office until today I feel that this place has made a huge improvement in my sons little quarks. They are a group of truly special people who care to make a difference to every child they can. My son has now been attending sessions weekly and is not cured of his little quarks but we certainly notice the difference in his behavior…

I can say that they NEVER label children, as I know my son could easily be labeled as ADD and place on medications. Through play they have helped my son a great deal. I know there are many more other children out there that have similar quarts, we however have been fortunate to find ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

In addition to helping my child during weekly sessions they make sure we understand what is going on why each activity helps and what the point of the activity is. This helps me to try to incorporate the same types of activities into the normal house hold routines in order to remain consistent in the treatment process.

Olivia Fritz

We called for an evaluation and during the post-evaluation meeting I cried- we had found a place that understood what our needs were, even when we didn’t…

Her teacher called it “immeasurable improvement” as to how it is affecting her work at school…

All the Difference also quickly identified other support services we needed, found us the appropriate provider, and with all of us working together, the entire process has been great. Of course our daughter’s continued improvement is the real success and is also providing her with tools that will help her throughout her life. We are all very grateful for the professionals at All the Difference.

Wilmington, DE