Where Playtime is Serious Business

For children with sensory problems, therapy program is about actively having fun

by Kelly Bothum of the News Journal

For the most part, kids don’t need much coaxing to go to the therapy services at All The Difference in Talleyville. The treatment rooms, with hanging ropes, swings and giant cushions under elevated loft areas, give the appearance of an indoor playground.

It’s the kind of place children can feel comfortable, whether it’s spinning around on a swing bolted to the ceiling, pushing heavy objects around the padded floor or creating their own obstacle course.

But the fun is with a purpose, said Kristina Stroh, co-founder and executive director at All The Difference, which provides occupational and speech therapies and other services for children with a variety of developmental needs.

At All The Difference, therapists encourage children to run, jump and explore — often with siblings in tow — with the idea that it can help children with sensory issues fine-tune their nervous system.

Stroh said the approach acknowledges that children are individuals and have their own ways of learning…

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This article appeared on delawareonline.com and in the News Journal on September 27th, 2011

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