We use “floortime” to work with kids. Floortime is child led, play based treatment. Each child shows us how to reach them – we just have to watch and learn. Then, little by little we start working on what we need to do; but the child is having so much fun they don’t even notice. We all win!

Our Services

All The Difference, Inc., pediatric services center, provides many services including occupational therapy, and floortime therapy. Additional play groups and other types of therapies are currently being researched to add to our list of services as well. Individualized treatment and parental training and education will be the primary services provided initially. Treatment providing the child with sensory information helps organize the central nervous system, assisting the child in inhibiting and/or modulating sensory information, as well as assisting the child in processing a more organized response to sensory stimuli. Research will be conducted to contribute to evidence based practice for effective and efficient treatments and to promote greater insurance reimbursement. We introduce parents, children and teachers, through education, to sensory integration and its connection with learning and behavior. We also find that having treatment done in conjuntion with one another greatly increases the amount of growth an individual makes. By working together; we work better! This is why we believe in treating children in a treatment model. Our treatment model of choice is the Developmental Individual Relationship-based Model (DIR) or “floortime”.

Our Vision:

As we are able through resources and trained, experienced staff, All The Difference Inc. will expand into more locations reaching more children and families with needs. As a separate vision, we will have enough resources to affect and work with families that could otherwise not afford to receive private therapy services for their children. We plan to influence the way children are viewed and educated currently to make the children with developmental differences productive, happy members of our society.

Company Future

By 2008, All The Difference Inc., pediatric services center, will be the premier pediatric services center in Delaware, southern New Jersey, north eastern Maryland and southeastern Pennsylvania. Our business vision includes opening additional centers as demand is shown and finances become available. Our extended business vision also includes the conception and creation of a charter school intended for the school aged children in our targeted population of clientele. This school will be formatted in the DIR model of treatment services, applied to an the individual’s need and continued on a daily basis. We will change the way society perceives people with sensory integrative needs.

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